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Invest Safe. Live Free. Hold HDFL.

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Welcome to HyperDeflate

HyperDeflate $HDFL is a community-run token created for the Crypto Community, that will be powering a cell phone application allowing users to screen for various forms of nefarious coding and potential "Rug pulls", all while ever increasing in value with a 10% burn on every buy and sell transaction.

Get started will be your portal into the world of our project.

The one stop shop that will be able to give you an insight into our communities movements and accomplishments.




$HDFL is a HyperDeflationary burning token, with each transaction triggering a 10% permanent burn to ever increase the value of this token, By burning the 10%, holders retain the same number of tokens whilst the total supply decreases, effectively increasing their percentage holding on every transaction for both buy AND sells.



$HDFL token is fully decentralized, meaning that there is no central authority with control of the token. All decisions are made in the community’s favor.

Contract Renounced

Contract was renounced right before the launch to ensure that the development team or anyone else could not re-write the token's contract.





After completion of all previous roadmap items either ahead of schedule, or on time, we have provided an updated roadmap of projects for Q4 2021, Q1 2022 and Q2 2022. Meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations is a key value of the HDFL project, as we continue to underpromise and overdeliver.

Development & Technology



Continued updates to the Binance Smart Chain DoxxScreen tool, which will allow for an even more robust report return, providing a result comparable to a low level source code audit.

Web3 capability expansion to provide due diligence tools for users, up to and including wallet tracing capabilities.

Continued application development for the cellular device based product, allowing users to invest with a much higher level of confidence.

Launch of first DoxxLocker/HDFL NFT project, to promote services and create unique art for investors.

Complete a total overhaul of DoxxLocker, to provide a more cryptocurrency expected type of product, with the consistency and styling of an absolutely superb offering.

Re-launch of and development of a Discord community, to expand our invest reach capacities.

User interface upgrades and development for the user interface of the cellular phone based application.

Update DoxxScreen report appearance for investors to have a premium result.

Development and launch of screening services for the Ethereum blockchain; tentative name for services of eDoxxScreen.

Development and launch of premium learning and education tools for the Ethereum blockchain.

Initial development and research to expand to additional blockchains, offering a full suite of services across decentralized finance in general.

Begin offering DoxxLaunch services, to provide Developers assistance with launching on the Binance Smart Chain.


About Us

March 7th 2021

The founding developers, MG and Ed, connected over their mutual interest for the Binance Smart Chain markets. Discovering the mutual interest only built on an existing relationship, especially given how difficult it can be to explain the BSC space to ‘IRL’ friends.

May 2nd 2021

Not so much the final straw, as the final rug. Losing well over 5 figures USD each, MG and Ed took matters into their own hands and conceived the first iteration of Hyper Deflate. The idea was to bring a breath of fresh air to the BSC market, in the form of transparency, honesty, and willingness to work until the project affected material positive change for the BSC markets.

May 23rd 2021

The world was then ready to learn of Hyper Deflate. Launching a website, social profiles and a telegram channel, the collective interest for Hyper Deflate started to grow. In a matter of 6 days, the group grew to and quickly surpassed 500 members, the threshold for the presale release. No bots, no shillers, just word of mouth, a tiktok partnership and a couple of Reddit posts, and as promised, the 12 hour countdown began.

June 3rd 2021

Hyper Deflate went live on pancake swap and proceeded to reach a peak of nearly 7 times launch price over the first 2 hours. As with any other new coin on the BSC market, people took profits, satisfied with a quick windfall. Over the following 2 days, the last of them sold and a solid foundation was built for the community to further build upon. 

Late March - Late April 2021

Ed and MG grew frustrated with the number of scams  appearing on the market. Liquidity rugpulls, pre-launch distribution rugpulls, honeypots, pump and dumps, snipe bots, price manipulation bots, the list goes on. Something had to be done.

May 11th 2021

The token was completed and ready to deploy, however rather than rush the process, Ed and MG deployed the contract on a test coin to ensure they were entirely familiar with the process before launch. The focus was launching the project once, and launching it right!

June 1st 2021

The presale went live just as the countdown hit zero and the DxSale address was distributed for the community to participate on a level playing field. 175 BNB sold out in just 3 minutes and the community was eager to launch. With cool heads, MG and Ed resisted the urge to have a quick launch and opted to take 48 hours in order to generate further interest.

As Hyper Deflate grows, it will be catalogued in this space for everyone to see exactly how far we have come since.

Will you be a part of our history?