We're starting the Crypto Space Race

Let’s start the Crypto Space Race.


Who can reach the moon first? HDFL is hoping to be the first cryptocurrency to actually reach the surface of the moon.


HDFL is pleased to announce that we have secured a spot on a lunar payload. That’s right, we’re quite literally going to the moon. Our use cases, country specific HDFL flag logos, our source code, digitalized HDFL tokens and more, will be delivered to the moon on an SD card.


We will be minting an NFT of each flag logo, limited to two copies each. One copy will be for sale back on earth and the other, will spend the rest of eternity on the moon. Proceeds raised will be for future development and marketing. The sale of each NFT, will be to the highest bidder, after an auction style of listing.


As we’re preparing to help thwart nefarious cryptocurrency activity on the moon and earth, it begs the question of, where next?


As the only BSC token to ever book such a trip, our goal, is a friendly competition with the awesome Dogecoin community. Who will get there first?