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Major Roadmap Announcement

Hi everyone.


The "secret project" that you've heard me reference a number of times, is advancing and it feels pertinent to provide an update to all of you.


I had mentioned prior that an up and coming project in development was exploring interest in our intellectual property. I'm pleased to say that this has continued and has advanced to a stage where we are starting to enter negotiations. We have agreed on principle and terms. I'll share a redacted copy of some written proof for everyone's reference.


The project in question will have the ability to deploy our use cases across the entirety of crypto block chains, the capital to do so and the connections to have this come to fruition.


We are no longer talking about being a basic BSC service. In addition to the community access to the use cases we are building, we are talking about being a full blown audit and consulting service for all of DeFi.


Although this development, the negotiation and capital raise process will take time, we are on a path to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Those of you that have made comments referencing the future, where investors ask if the project has been checked by Doxxlocker, is going to be reality.


Please keep in mind, that as I mentioned before, we have obligations to our partners that I will defend rigorously. I cannot share more than I have, so please do not press.


We are literally paving the road to becoming a household crypto name. The discussion of us transitioning to a full blown alt coin in the future should make sense now, with this updated information. We will be continuing on our current path and outlining the way forward to becoming a true store of value.


We have always under promised and over delivered. We will continue to do so.


Invest safe. Live free. Hold HDFL.




Oh and P.S., we have two marketing surprises after reaching $5m and $40m market cap respectively. The first is massive exposure. The second is mind blowing enough that it will have you wondering if your hair’s on fire.

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